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The Stalker 2+2 is a 115" wheelbase model, offering race car style fun for 4 passengers.

Race Car Styling = cockpit postioned further forward and an extra strong flanged rear cage. Positioning the cockpit further forward, puts more weight on the front wheels and improves steering.

The Stalker 2+2's cockpit is 39 1/2" high & 49 3/4" wide. If you need more headroom it can be ordered 3" taller for no additional charge, giving you a total height of 42 1/2". For cage heights above 42 1/2", please call for pricing.

We are also able to make this frame wider by 6" for an extra fee. Widening the frame does require the use of custom front & rear suspension components. If you are interested in learning more about the widened version of this frame, give us a call.

- "X" Bracing in upper cage

- 2 formed gussets for the upper cage

- Solid Rear Transmount

- Frame Horn Supports

- 2 seat back braces

- 1 rear seat support

- Shift box w/shift tube hanger

- 8 front-end clamps w/bolts & nylock nuts

- 2 floor gussets

- Bracket for self-aligning steering bearing

- Brackets for master cylinder & pedal assembly

- 24 universal tabs (can be used to mount seats, seat belts, gas tank, lights, etc.)

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